• UNICERA Istanbul Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair
  • 5-9 February 2019
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Award Winning Designers Came Together At UNICERA

UNICERA Istanbul - Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair; hosted award winning designers from Italy, Germany and Spain.


Designers from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Germany made presentations at the Designer Seminars event about the trends and design concepts of 2019.


Among those who presented at the seminars which were received with great enthusiasm were: Gabriele-David Adriano and Salim Mottaghi from the Adriano Design Studio, which has accomplished significant projects for the bath industry with “Instructions: Strategic approach to product design”; Diego Grandi and Andrea Marelli from the Cersai Design Award winner Italian DGO Design Studio with “A personel journey by way of materials”; the award winning Massimo Farinatti, the founder of Italian Farinatti Design Studio with ‘From health to prosperity’; Ettore Giordana from the Italian Disegno Industriale with the presentation “Multicultural approach to design-creating concepts in the ceramic industry”.