• UNICERA Istanbul Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair
  • 5-9 February 2019
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Branding and design will come from you, the support will come from us

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek Appeals to the Ceramic Industry

Turkey’s biggest expertise fair UNICERA Istanbul Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair has opened at CNR EXPO Yeşilköy with a record-breaking size of 80 thousand square meters. At the launch of the fair, Deputy Prime Minister Şimşek gave a speech where he expressed that the industry’s production has high added value; saying, “Focus on Research and development, branding, design, and export. We, as the government, will continue to give you all the support you need.”
Turkey’s biggest expertise fair UNICERA İstanbul-Ceramic Bath Kitchen Fair has launched at CNR EXPO Yeşilköy. The fair is established with the collaboration of CNR Holding’s organization Istanbul Trade Fairs, Turkish Ceramic Federation (TCF) and Trade Association for Sanitary and Building Supplies (TİMDER). The fair opened with CNR Holding’s CEO Ceyda Erem hosting the event, Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, Turkish Ceramic Federation CEO Erdem Çenesiz, and TİMDER CEO Aydın Eşer. Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek has given a speech at the Fair launch, stating that the exportation of high added value production is Turkey’s rising point. Şimşek pointed out that in the ceramic industry, there are enterprises that export more than 50% of the production amount; emphasizing that the industry needs to focus on research-development, design, brand recognition and exportation. Şimşek added, “To get further in the competition worldwide, R&D and innovation are essential. You buy companies from Italy for your brand recognition. This is extremely important. Focus on more R&D, prioritize innovation, export more and we will always be here to support you.”
Grow with domestic sourcing
Deputy Prime Minister Şimşek advised growing with domestic sourcing instead of getting credit loans from banks, saying, “We have brought tax incentives for capital increases. This is why it’s important to grow with domestic sourcing. Moreover, don’t invest in fields where the profit margin is low.” Şimşek mentioned the goal of increasing the ceramic industry’s export number of 1 billion dollars to 10% more within the year and added, “I find this increased rate rather modest. You can raise this number even higher. The Industry has great build-up. Crown it with design and produce goods with greater profit.”
The Fair opened at CNR EXPO Yeşilköy with a record-breaking size of 80 thousand square meters
In the press conference, the export contribution index was announced and CNR Holding CEO Ceyda Erem has explained that 80 thousand buyers including 10 thousand foreigners from 130 countries are expected to come to the UNICERA Fair. The fair is taking place at a record-breaking size of 80 thousand square meters. Last year, 27 foreign companies and 187 local companies joined the fair. This year it was 56 foreign, 258 local companies. The fair received a considerable volume of trade. By this means, The Ministry of Economy has started to support UNICERA Fair. The participant numbers and the benefits they bring to the fair is important. Last year, significant foreign buyers visited the fair. We have marketed tremendously, especially in France, Spain, Italy. The markets that UNICERA Fair is targeting are Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, Russia, Africa, Asia and Far East countries.”