• UNICERA Istanbul Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair
  • 5-9 February 2019
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The Unstoppable Rise of Turkish Ceramic Industry

The Turkish Ceramic Industry is one of the leading industries with domestic manufacturing and exportation of goods. It holds an influential and significant place with its ability to achieve substantial export numbers with very small importation.

The industry is expected to prosper in 2018 with its growth acceleration. In the year of 2017, the industry has accomplished a growth of 8-9% and it aims to reach a double-digit number in 2018. Turkey’s ceramic industry holds the 8th place in coating materials and the 4th place in medical equipment worldwide. It’s the 4th biggest importer of ceramic tiles and medical equipment in the World and in Europe, it holds the 3rd place as an importer of ceramic tiles and the first place as a manufacturer and an importer of medical equipment. Additionally, it continues to strengthen its leadership in Europe for vitrified ceramic manufacturing. This successful rise is estimated to continue in the next 10 years.

Export Numbers Continue to Rise

Ceramic export has expanded 4,2% in ceramic coating materials and 6,3% in ceramic medical equipment during the first nine months of the year compared to the same period of last year.