• International Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair
  • 2-6 November 2021
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GROHE Truck will also visit Turkey

The 18-wheeler of GROHE, the world's leading brand in bathroom and kitchen sanitaryware solutions, which has been visiting different countries in the world to showcase their products to a wide audience, will be touring Turkey. Within the scope of Turkey Tour, which will last for about a month from January 19 to February 12,  the GROHE TRUCK will welcome visitors in Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum, Izmir, Bursa, and Istanbul. The GROHE TRUCK will participate in the UNICERA Exhibition, the most significant meeting of the industry, on February 5-9 and will present the GROHE products to visitors.
GROHE Truck will also visit Turkey
The mobile showroom that has so far toured various countries around the world is coming to Turkey for the first time. In the provinces to be covered during the tour, industry professionals and technical staff will be informed about the latest technologies, trends and GROHE's product innovations.
The GROHE TRUCK provides visitors with the opportunity to see the innovative products while in use. In addition, technical personnel who will have the chance to meet face to face with GROHE experts will learn more about the features and benefits of GROHE products and obtain valuable information on installation.
The GROHE TRUCK redesigned to be broader and more functional features a more extensive range of products. The truck displays products from the ceramic series including GROHE Blue Home, GROHE Red, GROHE Smart Control Series, GROHE Sensia Arena, GROHE Sense & Sense Guard, Essence and Concetto Professional, GROHE Essence Armature Series and GROHE Rapido SmartBox. 
The GROHE innovation tour for professionals was developed to meet the technical needs of installers and assembly personnel.
The mobile showroom designed to deliver the GROHE experience to customers across Turkey will start its tour in Antalya on January 19 to 21. It will then reach Bodrum on January 23-24. The GROHE TRUCK, which will host the visitors in Izmir for two days between 26th and 27th of January, will come to Istanbul to participate in the UNICERA Exhibition on February 5-9, after stopping in Bursa on January 29th. After the exhibition, the truck will welcome visitors on various points in Istanbul on February 11-12.