• International Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair
  • 2-6 November 2021
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E.C.A. SEREL will host visitors looking for renewal at UNICERA

E.C.A. SEREL ceramic sanitary ware and armature products domestic distribution company Elmor will present its products, that combine quality, design, and technology, to the liking of industry professionals and consumers at UNICERA Exhibition on February, 5-9.
Enver Öz, the General Manager of Elmor A.Ş., underlined the fact that they had always been an innovative brand, and said, "In 2019, we emphasize the importance of renewal. Within this context, we will exhibit the newest products of SEREL bathroom furniture in the exhibition. With our extensive product range, we are renewing; we are calling on our customers to become partners in this renewal and carry it to their homes with SEREL. We will have an inspiring stand full of surprises encouraging our call at UNICERA."
SEREL with its bathrooms reflecting different moods is at UNICERA
Showcasing its investments in the bathroom furniture sector, SEREL will present its extensive product range with a unique concept at UNICERA. With the emphasis that they could meet different furniture needs, the brand invites everyone to renew their bathrooms to reflect their mood. Four separate bathrooms suitable for four different moods - tidy, timeless, peaceful, or dynamic - will be showcased at the E.C.A. SEREL stand.
Öz reminded that, in 2019, they had aimed to draw attention to the importance of products in which design, technology, and quality were presented together in bathroom products. He emphasized that they intended to offer the best solutions in bathroom furniture with the SEREL brand.
Fingerprint and water stain resistant armatures will be exhibited for the first time at UNICERA
E.C.A., which has added a new one to its "firsts" in the field of hygiene, will launch its new fingerprint and water stain resistant armatures thanks to their new coating feature, at UNICERA for the first time. Stating that they were happy to have found a solution to one of the consumer problems with E.C.A.'s new technology, Öz added, "We are the most preferred brand in the market thanks to the consumer trust in the quality, durability, and service of the E.C.A. brand. We will continue to shape the industry and influence consumer demand with this new technology we will be offering."
Öz added that this year, they also would be showing a presence with the motto "Together for years!" which was launched last year with the 20-year warranty placed on certain products.