• International Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair
  • 2-6 November 2021
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Great attention to UNICERA since the first day

Gathering the leading and exporting brands of the ceramic and building industry, the largest specialized exhibition in Turkey, UNICERA Istanbul opened its doors to visitors. 20% of the visitors constitute international visitors, mainly from the USA, Israel, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East countries. As a result of the medical examinations, any visitor with a risky condition has not been detected. Expecting to welcome more than 100 thousand people in 4 days, the exhibition was opened with the participation of Deputy Minister of Ministry of Treasury and Economy, Dr. Nureddin Nebati. The exhibition will keep hosting industry professionals until March 14. 
During his speech at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Treasury and Economy, Dr. Nureddin Nebati said, “As the Turkish government, we have taken necessary measures on health since the beginning. We can see here that there has been an increase in the number of international visitors.” Emphasizing export always means a contribution to the country, business world, and manufacturing, Dr. Nureddin Nebati reminded the last year’s 181-billion-dollar export and stated, “We have reached 30 billion dollars in the first 2 months this year. It means we will break a new export record at the end of the year by exceeding the last year’s number.” Expressing the ceramic industry is the least import-dependent industry of all, Dr. Nureddin Nebati said the current surplus was 1.7 billion dollars last year despite the problems then and appreciated the ceramic industry due to their contribution and hard work.  
“Turkey is a country to be proud of with its potential”
Highlighting that Turkey is a country to be proud of, Dr. Nureddin Nebati stated, “Our country will keep manufacturing no matter in what industry and segment it is. Turkey is located in an interesting location with its performance. No other country in the world has such various and diverse manufacturing capacity. While one province leads in agriculture, other one in tourism, and another one in industry. Our country says ‘I am ready. I have every kind of resources, which you can supply to the world.’ The business world utilizes this supply and turns it into an opportunity. There might be disputes abroad, but our country has a location that can quickly access every corner of the world. Taking this potential into consideration, the ceramic industry will increase its export rate over 10 percent. We strongly believe in that.”